So I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on what are the coolest gadgets to own in 2023, well here they are folks, It took be hours to come up with this short list, enjoy!

Rokid Max AR Glasses

Imagine having a 215-inch virtual screen that seems to float right before my eyes. These are the Rokid Max AR glasses, and they make this fantastical idea a reality. The best part? They only look a little strange, so people might mistake them for odd dad sunglasses. But little do they know, I’m stepping into a virtual world beyond their imagination.

These glasses don’t just provide incredible visuals; they also envelop my ears with professional-grade acoustics. I can easily connect them to my smartphone, tablet, computer, or even a game console. Switching between 2D and 3D modes is a breeze. I can cast movies and TV shows from my favorite streaming services onto these glasses, creating my private cinematic experience. Plus, if I need prescription glasses, I can even adjust these AR glasses accordingly. Although, I admit, the idea of glasses that augment reality somewhat defeats the purpose of prescription lenses.

Lastly, comfort is key, and these glasses deliver. They’re super lightweight, making them a joy to wear for extended periods. It’s like strapping feathery marshmallows to my face; they’re so light and well-balanced that I often forget I’m wearing them.


Ah, the 2Swift board – yet another innovative way to stay active without breaking a sweat. It’s essentially a hybrid of a hoverboard and a scooter, an electric snowless snowboard if you will. With its wireless remote control, I can effortlessly adjust the speed and braking, ensuring a seamless ride.

Steering the front wheel at low speeds offers me tight maneuverability, while leaning into the board at higher speeds allows for smooth carving. Its powerful motor can reach top speeds of 24 miles per hour, leaving everyone else in the dust – figuratively, of course. The impressive battery life lets me travel a remarkable 16 to 21 miles on a single charge, plenty of distance for a stylish commute to school or anywhere else. The large pneumatic wheels handle shocks and bumps gracefully, much like a ballet dancer gliding across the stage. No more will uneven sidewalks or pesky potholes deter me from riding.


Introducing the PopSlate 2 – a convenient solution for those of us drowning in information overload and screen time. As much as I love my iPhone, I’ve often wished it could be more like a piece of paper. The PopSlate 2 seems to answer that oddly specific request.

Sporting a 4.7-inch e-ink display, this accessory saves my phone’s battery by allowing me to check my horoscope without draining it. After all, I need that precious battery life to fuel my Candy Crush addiction. Not only that, but the PopSlate 2 also doubles as a battery case, extending my phone’s talk time to a generous 9 hours. Charging becomes faster, almost as quick as my cries for help in managing my screen time. The elegant colors of black and white ensure I won’t clash with my outfit of the day while enjoying this convenience.


Gaming enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the pinnacle of handheld gaming technology: the Abxylute. Imagine an Android-based handheld console that lets me stream games from the cloud or remotely play titles from my PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. Feast your eyes on the 7-inch LTPS screen with its stunning 1080p resolution. With hall effect joysticks and triggers, I enjoy precise and responsive control, thanks to dual Wi-Fi antennas.

The Abxylute offers an array of cloud gaming services, including Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna. Switching between them is as seamless as my in-game maneuvers. But that’s not all – it boasts its very own App Store, ready for me to download games and apps to enhance my gaming experience. With responsive controls, versatile streaming capabilities, and a battery life that teeters on the edge of making me question my life choices, the Abxylute is undoubtedly the pièce de résistance among gaming devices.

Type Folio

My desire to type out my thoughts is rivaled only by my longing for the familiar embrace of my Remarkable 2. This paper tablet is perfect for jotting down notes, reading, and converting my handwritten scribbles into typed text. Now, let’s focus on the Type Folio, one of its newest accessories that pairs a case with a keyboard, letting me type right into my Remarkable.

The distraction-free writing experience is a blessing, considering how this world is in dire need of more distractions, right? The Type Folio effortlessly snaps into place without any cumbersome charging or cables. While I type away, I can still annotate, sketch, and highlight with my marker. What’s even better is that my typed notes sync across all my smart devices, thanks to the Remarkable mobile and desktop apps.


Allow me to introduce the glorious Unidice – a cutting-edge digital dice set here to rescue us from the mundane repetition of rolling traditional dice with their unchanging numbers. At first glance, the Unidice might seem like just another cubic object, possibly suitable as a paperweight or doorstop. But it’s so much more.

This enchanting little cube holds the power to display any image or number on its six sides, all customizable through a nifty mobile app. Say goodbye to swapping out regular dice; the Unidice empowers me to reinvent and personalize my games, infusing them with my creativity. Whether it’s dots on regular dice or memes and personal images, the possibilities are endless.

Magnetic Cashew Nut

Prepare to be amazed by the next gadget that’s going to drive you nuts with excitement – the Magnetic Cashew Nut. Yes, you heard me correctly; the humble cashew nut has evolved into something extraordinary. This little marvel, shaped like the world’s most sophisticated nut, offers a satisfying fidget experience.

With a sleek plastic shell and a magnetic ball gliding along its curves, I’m treated to mesmerizing clicking sounds as the ball reaches the ends. Who would’ve thought that fondling a cashew in my spare time could be so gratifying?

Eargo Neo HiFi

Hold onto your earlobes, because I’m about to dive into the exhilarating world of hearing aids – and no, I’m not talking about the clunky ones that your grandpa used to sport. Allow me to introduce the Ergo Neo HiFi, a sleek, virtually invisible, and rechargeable hearing aid that’s going to make my ears sing like Mariah Carey hitting a high note.

Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger. If I find myself struggling to catch the punchline of a joke or the melody of my favorite tunes, it’s high time to consider a pair of these gems. So here I go, ready to crank up the volume on my Ergo Neo HiFi and indulge in some cheesy 90s pop hits.

The Pocket Shot

Oh, the Pocket Shot – a splendid blend of sophisticated weapon engineering and good old-fashioned playground nostalgia. Yes, it’s a slingshot that boasts both high-speed accuracy and a compact size that fits right into my pocket. It’s like David’s slingshot, upgraded for the Gen Z crowd.

Picture this: I’m the envy of all my friends as I whip out my Pocket Shot and start pelting targets like a modern-day Robin Hood. No, I won’t be aiming at living creatures; I’ll be focusing on old soda cans or perhaps my annoying neighbor’s garden gnome. It’s versatile, capable of shooting an array of projectiles, and perfect for those who lack the patience to master a bow and arrow.

Starship Seer

Behold, mere mortals, the Starship Seer – a smart power bank so futuristic that it has me questioning whether I’ve stumbled into a sci-fi movie. This marvelous creation features a transparent body, revealing its inner workings like a high-tech burlesque dancer. Ah, remember those cool gadgets from the 90s? They’re back in a whole new form.

With its automotive-grade batteries, this small device packs a powerful punch. The golden yellow LED display is a technological marvel, showing real-time information such as input and output power, remaining charge, and discharge time. And believe it or not, it even doubles as an alarm clock. Talk about versatile! The Starship Seer doesn’t discriminate; it can charge multiple devices simultaneously, playing nice with most gadgets. It’s compact and portable, so much so that I often forget it’s in my pocket until I accidentally sit on it.


Allow me to round out this list with a true cosmic marvel – the MoonDial. This lunar phase lamp allows me to enjoy the beauty of the moon without having to glance upward or contend with pesky clouds. Crafted by a team of passionate astronomers and engineers, the MoonDial presents the ultimate solution for appreciating celestial beauty without straining my neck.

Projecting the lunar cycle onto a 3D-printed moon model, based on NASA’s lunar reconnaissance Orbiter data, this lamp is a piece of authentic space right in my room. It’s not just a piece of the moon; it’s backed by expert-approved, scientifically accurate data from NASA. Who needs to look up when I have a miniature moon at my fingertips?